Claire Mooney


Claire Mooney is a singer, songwriter, performer, community artist and creative consultant. A born and bred Mancunian, Claire has supported Manchester Pride for many years through her involvement with programming the Women's Stage, so was delighted to accept the role of patron when approached.

Claire feels that, since its inception, Manchester Pride has been a celebratory event, and hopes it will continue to be so while it develops more community and grassroots involvement. "Our community is richly diverse and I hope Pride maintains its aim to be inclusive. Our rights in the LGBT community have come from some courageous people standing up and being counted. I hope Pride can develop links globally to support those who don't experience the same civil liberties as we do. I know I don't ask for much - but you did ask!"

"I'm really pleased that there are more community activities this year leading up to The Big Weekend so I'm looking forward to the brilliance of these events. I also have a special fondness for Women's Stage and have seen it prosper over the year's. But most of all I'm looking forward to what is ultimately a successful celebration of the best of us - safe, friendly, inclusive, welcoming and fun, with eyes wide open that it's giving financial support to important LGBT charitable organisations."

— Claire Mooney
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