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The LGBT Foundation receives money from Manchester Pride to support the free Condom and Lube Scheme. The long-running scheme now provides approximately 600,000 free packs of condoms and lube, which are distributed in over 80 venues in Greater Manchester.

Manchester’s Condom & Lube Distribution Scheme (CLDS) has been running for over 15 years, and helps to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and HIV in the region. Over 600,000 individual condoms and 600,000 sachets of water based lube are distributed every year. Over Manchester Pride 2010, 80,000 condoms and 80,000 sachets of water based lube were distributed throughout the ten day festival.

The Free Condom & Lube Distribution Scheme (CLDS) is funded by local Primary Care Trusts as well as Manchester Pride. It helps to make sure that the condoms and lube remain free and available throughout the year, where they are needed most.

The scheme aims to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV in the region. To do this it is essential that men have easy access to the tools they need in order to have the safest sex possible - free condoms, and water-based lube.

The scheme is one of the longest running and highly regarded of its kind in the country. It is promoted in over 75 venues in Greater Manchester. All of the gay bars and clubs in Manchester’s Gay village make the free condom and lube freely available. They can also be found at sexual health clinics, saunas, hotels and many other venues throughout the region.

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