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George House Trust

Each year, North West based HIV charity, George House Trust (GHT), receives money from Manchester Pride to support their Welfare Fund, a fund to support HIV positive people through financial hardship.

The fund provides one off grants to people living with HIV who are in financial hardship. The purpose of this fund is to contribute towards improving the quality of life of the person through grants for essential item such as white goods or bedding

The George House Trust Welfare Fund exists to support people living with HIV who are experiencing financial hardship.  The Fund means someone who needs a suit to attend interview stands a better chance of securing that job.  It means people who don’t have essential items many of us don’t have to give a second thought, such as a cooker, can begin to cook nutritious meals and better manage their health.  The outcomes of the Welfare Fund complements some of our existing services such as our Debt & Money Advice service, Job Club and Food For Life nutrition and cookery courses.  The Welfare Fund aims to create a moment of change within a person’s life which can have lasting impact on their future.

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