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Manchester Village Spartans RUFC

Manchester Village Spartans is the North West's gay and inclusive rugby club, set up in 1999 as a place where people can play rugby in an LGBT friendly environment.

Support from Manchester Pride has been invaluable to the club over the years. When the club was still in its infancy in the late 1990's / early 2000's, the club was awarded small grants by Manchester Pride to assist in buying the equipment needed to help build and develop the club. 

In 2012, we received a further grant from Manchester Pride, which assisted the club in setting up and hosting the largest ever gay and inclusive rugby tournament, the Bingham Cup. This grant was critical to enable the club to run the tournament, as it funded the creation of the registration website, enabling us to register players from across the world and collect registration fees that ultimately funded the tournament.

In addition, the LGBT Foundation (formerly the LGF),  also partly funded through Manchester Pride, provided many of the volunteers needed to deliver the tournament effectively.

Since its formation, and with the help of Manchester Pride, the team has gone from strength to strength and now has 3 men's teams, with a women's team currently in development.

How to get involved

Our continued success depends largely on the support we receive from the gay community in Manchester and the wider region. The club is constantly recruiting new players, supporters, social members and volunteers to assist in maintaining and growing the club so that future generations can continue to enjoy rugby in an an LGBT friendly environment.


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