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Proud 2 b Parents

Proud 2 b Parents delivers service for LGBT parents to be, LGBT parents and their children. Proud 2 b Parents aims to improve the quality of  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Parents lives by reducing isolation, encouraging active participation and providing information and support. We deliver monthly engagement sessions for the families as well as fun days and promotional events. The service is continously developing projects to support LGBT parents and their children.

The Manchester Pride Community Grant will be used to deliever interactive art sessions for Proud 2 b Parents. These sessions will help reduce the isolation faced by LGBT families within Greater Manchester. The sessions will benefit LGBT parents and their children directly, by allowing them to access services without the fear of judgement. The sessions will engage with the LGBT parent community, which will support them in attending the service allowing us to support their wider needs and consult with them regarding issues this specific community is facing.

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