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The Village Bakers

The Village Bakers social group is an all-inclusive group at the heart of the LGBT Community, with a simple belief that there is no better way to make friends then sharing a big slice of cake.

Our bakers meet each month within Manchester’s Gay Village, and each member brings along anything homebaked to share with the group and enjoy a drink with new friends. Alongside the monthly meetings we hold regular social evenings including, Tapas nights, cocktail courses and quiz nights and many more.

At the heart of our philosophy is community and this recognised with our charity fund raising and support work with the LGF, George House Trust, Mencap Lgbt Group ‘Gold’ and also Manchester Pride.

In order to ensure we are a fully inclusive social group we do not charge any membership fee to attend the Village Bakers meetings and rely solely on external funding.

Our success has been recognised over the last 2 years by winning the Coop Respect LGBT Social Group of the year 2013, LGF’s Homo Heroes Best Community Group 2014, and Inclusive Networks Awesome Network 2015.

We are currently well supported on facebook and twitter with over 1700 followers, and during Manchester Pride Fringe received considerable media attention for our Great Village Bake Off. The Village Bakers work on the simple principle that there is no better way to make friends then share a massive slice cake.


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